Introducing Our New FireText SMS Integration

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Introducing our new SMS partner integration with FireText


Send individual or bulk campaigns to your candidates from within Influence making it super-easy to add SMS to your communications. FireText integrates nicely with Influence, so you can send texts directly and record incoming replies directly within Influence. What’s more, Influence customers can try FireText’s SMS service with 200 FREE credits before 31st May.

We know busy recruitment specialists like you spend lots of time on the phone to candidates, providing them with vital updates on their application and their interview details. Sending SMS messages can dramatically increase the speed that vacancies are filled by communicating with all candidates at once.

We’ve got 5 top ways you can add SMS text messages into your daily communication, without losing that personal touch; saving you money, resources and most importantly – precious time.

Be discreet

Candidates are often already in employment when looking for a new job so taking your call can be tricky. By sending a text message instead of calling them; you are updating them instantly whilst also keeping it discreet and not interfering with their working day.

Update on application

Notifying and updating a candidate of any changes to their application via SMS not only keeps them in the loop but is also effortless for busy recruitment consultants

Reach all candidates at once

Save time by using SMS personalisation and rather than sending an individual message to each candidate; reach out to all of them in an instant, with one message – individually personalised for each candidate.

Confirm appointments

A confirmation message or gentle reminder of appointment details is really handy for candidates, especially when it’s instantly available in their pocket. Add a link to the company website or direction details to ensure candidates have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Target industry groups

Contact groups of candidates with new job vacancies to generate some interest. Adding SMS to your communications toolkit will not only save you time, keep your communication costs down and help fill those vacancies quickly.

Influence customers can try FireText’s SMS service with 200 FREE credits before 31st May.

To take advantage of this exciting offer simply call or email the team at Influence or and they’ll get your account set up!

For More information please call sales on 01372 365 716