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Influence Recruitment Software is all about simplicity.  Make time consuming data entry a thing of the past. Find the right people for the job in an instant.

Our unique Recruitment CRM is designed to manage your entire recruitment lifecycle.  Influence incorporates the most advanced features available in any recruitment database software today.  At extraordinarily affordable prices.

Let Influence do the hard work for you!


recruitment software workbench

  Powerful Search

S earch for candidates and contacts at lightning speed. Boolean search, attribute search and active “Lightning” searches. Find the right candidates faster than your competitors.

Configurable Workflow

U se our incredible workflow management system to quickly visualise and progress your candidates through to placement. Vacancy workflow can be configured to match your process, making even the most complex of tasks as simple as a single click.

  Drag and Drop CV’s

D rag and drop CV’s to the Influence Recruitment database to immediately capture and create candidate profiles. You can even drag a CV onto a vacancy to create the candidate and match to the job ready to send to the client in seconds.

Capture Tool

O ur ingenious capture tool enables you to create contacts and clients in the Influence Recruitnent Software database directly from Source.  Capture details from email signatures, Social media pages such as LinkedIn, or from Website contact pages in seconds.


P ublish jobs to your website through Influence Portal.  Send Jobs to your favourite job boards with our incredible Broadbean integration. Share to the world through Social Media channels. Influence Recruitment Software puts the world at your fingertips.

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  Advanced Email Integration

I nfluence Recruitment Software solutions include powerful integration into Microsoft Outlook and other email platforms such as Gmail.   Incoming emails can be sorted and stored against the right records in the Influence without intervention. You can even synchronize your tasks and appointments to you calendar.

  Temporary Recruitment

F or temporary recruiters, Influence provides Visual Bookings planners, timesheet entry, compliance and AWR management, along with integration with Timesheet Mangement systems such as InTime.

   Retained Search Centre

W e have an innovative Assignment and Research Centre for retained search consultants to manage long lists, short lists and project milestones.  The Influence Recruitment Software includes Long List spreadsheet generation and milestone management.