Influence Analytical

Measure your influence

View and analyse actual, historical and potential performance throughout your business and across all your data sources, including phone systems, spreadsheets, accounts packages and of course your Influence Professional database.

Influence Analytical will deliver tailored business dashboards to help your management team identify performance potential within their own teams or for the business as a whole.Influence can also provide large screen wall boards for motivation and target tracking for your recruitment teams.

Collaborate, plan, motivate, and unlock your business potential



Influence Analytical

  •    Management Dashboards

    B eautiful management dashboards can be configured to monitor your business performance.  Pull information from disparate sources and create high level “views” of your business over time.  Highlight challenges and opportunities quickly and keep on top of your team and ahead of your competitors.
  •   Big Screen Wallboards

    M otivate your team with large screen wallboards.  Choose the information you want you consultants to see all the time, including top billers, new opportunites registered, latest placements made and key performance indicators.   Help your consultants to work as a team.
  •   Review Targets

    C onsultant performance figures can be accessed at the touch of a button.  Compare your team and highlight areas for improvement.  Measure the efficiency of your team and improve sales performance
  •   Multiple Data Sources

    P ull data from any data aware sources.  Retrieve call statistics from compatible phone systems, analyse financial informationfrom accounts systems such as Sage 50 Accounts and pull budgetary information from spreadsheets to create a one stop holistic view of your business performance.