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Bring your website alive with an automatic feed of your latest vacancies from Influence Recruitment Software.

Influence Portal will do all the work for you, extracting your vacancies directly from your Influence database and then offering your candidates the ability to search, register and apply for roles, which then flow back down to Influence Professional database.

Keep Candidates connected with Influence Portal


  Vacancy Job Feed

T he Influence portal publishes your vacancies automatically to your website.  Administration is all done from the Influence database itself, leaving your website to “just work”.

  RSS Feed

N otify your candidates or job syndicates of new roles with an automatic RSS feed of jobs.  Additional fields extend the RSS to enable use by other web applications and bespoke development

  Automatic Registration

A utomate applicant applications straight to the database.  Assign fields from your registration form to the candidate record and even automatically match to the relevant vacancies.

  Website Plugins

C omponents are available for Quick Search, Register and latest jobs which can be put anywhere on your website with just a single line of code.

  Social Media

S hare vacancies with Social Media share icons on each vacancy, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Xing.

   Brand Aware

M atch your branding and web style.  Choose the standard CSS or provide your own css to match the components to your website for seamless integration.