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Our most popular cloud recruitment software solution. The full version of Influence Recruitment Software hosted in our datacentres in the cloud.

Connect directly from your PC or laptop and use Influence in full as though it was in your office or on your PC. This is not a poorly performing web browser based cloud recruitment software solution but is a full enterprise level application running in the cloud.


  • Full version of the Influence Recruitment Software
  • Hosted in UK data centres
  • Full backup at both file and server level
  • High availabiity
  • Increase and decrease subscription at your leisure
  • ISO27001 data centres

A fully hosted Microsoft Remote Desktop experience including your Influence Recruitment Software.

Each hosted desktop includes Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server email, Document Storage, Antispam, Antivirus and is available for most internet connected computers and devices.

See our video here



  • Full version of the Influence Recruitment Software
  • Microsoft Hosted Desktop
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Microsoft Outlook for email
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Backup, Anti-Virus
  • High availability
  • Hosted in ISO27001 data centres

Influence Software

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