Influence Retained Search Recruitment Software

Everything you need to manage your longlists, shortlist and retained search project milestones and retainers




Retained Search Recruitment is a very different process to contingency contract or temp recruitment. and is usually a longer process based on project milestones.

The Influence Retained Search Recruitment Software is built from the ground up to mirror your retained search assignments.  You can build a list of target companies, manage your project milestones and build automated long lists and shortlists.

Milestones and retainer deadlines can be managed by the system and contacts can be automatically created as candidates as you received their CVs.  There is no other recruitment software on the marketplace that is as fully featured for Retained search recruitment.



All the features of the Influence Permanent Recruitment Software, PLUS:


The Assignment centre (sometimes known as Head Hunt or Research) allows your Consultant  to create a new assignment project for a customer.  

The consultant can research target organisations and select a mixture of Contacts, Companies and Candidates to be considered for a position.  Shortlists and longlists can be managed and reports created for your customers based on the milestones of the project.

History of notes and conversations can be stored progress tracked from a basic lead right the way through to becoming a candidate and sending the CV forward.


Retained Search projects can be setup up with milestones for the project such as retainers due, longlists, shortlists, placement etc.   These can be associated with nilling values and can be a percentage or a fixed fee.  The Influence Retained Search Recruitment software allows you store notes about the assignment, and generate billing when milestones have been completed.


Target candidates and contacts can be grouped together onto long list reports which can be generated in Excel for distribution to the client.

Longlist and Shortlist reports can be tailored to your brnad for a consistent professional presentation.



The assignment system has extensive search facilities to search through any or all of contacts, candidates and companies.  The assignment centre is also integrated with your candidate and contact groups, so groups of contacts can be quickly imported into your assignment schedule.

New research lists can easily be converted into stored groups for future projects.


Contacts that send in their CV can quickly be converted to candidates and with integration to the workflow system, can move through your standard workflow for CV send, interview arrangement all the way to placement.

Fees can be split by milestone and invocing records stored against the milestones.


Influence Software

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