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Influence Recruitment Software.

Best of breed recruitment software provided as either a cloud application or as part of a fully managed hosted desktop experience.

The hallmark of Influence is simplicity. Our recruitment software reduces time-consuming data entry for your consultants. Drag and drop CVs into the database, build candidate profiles and use our ingenious capture tool to create contacts and clients instantly from email signatures or LinkedIn. With a single click you can search for, qualify and send candidates to your customers in a flash. We offer solutions for every type of recruitment business. Permanent Recruiter Contract Recruiter, Retained Search Consultancy or Temp Agency? We have the perfect solution for you.

We partner with fantastic technologies like Broadbean, Idibu and Logic Melon for job board posting.  We also integrate with the major players in social media including  Twitter and  Linked In.  InTime solutions provide integration with Influence for timesheet processing and payroll integration. For Fast text SMS communications we partner with BulkSMS, TextMarketer and Firetext. These great technology partners make Influence Recruitment Software the hub for all your recruiting needs.

Influence Cloud Direct

Our most popular cloud recruitment software solution provides you with the full influence recruitment software solution, hosted in our secure data centre.

We take care of the backup and maintenance of the database and users be increased and decreased on a monthly basis.

Incredibly quick and configured to match your business process exactly.  No browser compatibility issues to worry about, and functionality that far exceeds a browser solution.

Influence Cloud Desktop

Recruitment Software delivered as a hosted desktop service, available from any PC or MAC with an internet Connection.  Influence Cloud Desktop combines the full version of the Influence Recruitment Software, Microsoft Office, Email, Document Storage, Antispam and Antivirus all delivered in a securely hosted desktop in the cloud.

Influence Analytical

View and analyse actual, historical and potential performance throughout your business and across all your data sources, including phone systems, spreadsheets, accounts packages and of course your Influence Recruitment Software.

Influence Analytical delivers tailored business dashboards to help your management team identify performance potential within their own teams or for the business as a whole.  We can also provide large screen wall boards for motivation and target tracking for your recruitment teams.


Influence Cloud Recruitment Software

Hosted in the Cloud or on your own servers, Influence Recruitment Software gives you the choice in the way you want to work.

Install on your own infrastructure or let Influence take away the headache of managing your own servers delivered in a securely hosted desktop in the cloud.

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection and we will take care of the rest.

Whatever type of recruitment business you are we have the cloud recruitment software solution for you.

Security is our number one consideration.  All Influence cloud Recruitment Software solutions are built with security by design.  Our services are all provided through ISO27001 certified data centres and partners with the highest levels of security for your data.

Influence Cloud Direct

Our full Influence Recruitment Software hosted as a fully managed cloud application.  All the features of our flagship software available directly from your desktop.

Influence Cloud Desktop

Our full Influence Recruitment Software application delivered as part of a complete hosted remote desktop experience.   Log on to a secure new cloud-hosted desktop complete with Influence, Microsoft Outlook email, Microsoft Office and corporate storage and drive permissions.

Influence Recruitment Software is all about simplicity, which makes time consuming data entry a thing of the past.

Our unique Recruitment CRM is designed to manage your entire recruitment lifecycle and incorporates the most advanced features available in any recruitment database software today.

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Influence enables you to search for candidates and contacts at lightning speed utilising Boolean search, attribute search and active
“Lightning” searches. Find the right candidates faster than your competitors.


Publish jobs to your website through Influence Portal. Send Jobs to your favourite job boards with our incredible Broadbean integration. Influence Recruitment Software puts the world at your fingertips allowing you to share to the world through Social Media channels.


Drag and drop CV’s directly in the Influence Recruitment database to immediately capture and create candidate profiles. You can even drag a CV onto a vacancy to create the candidate and match to the job ready to send to the client in seconds.


For temporary recruiters, Influence provides Visual Bookings planners, timesheet entry, and compliance with AWR management, along with integration into Timesheet Management systems such as InTime.


Use our incredible workflow management system to quickly visualise and progress your candidates through to placement. Vacancy workflow can be configured to match your process, making even the most complex of tasks as simple as a single click.


Influence includes powerful integration into Microsoft Outlook and other email platforms such as Gmail. Incoming emails can be sorted and stored against the right records in the Influence without intervention. You can even synchronize your tasks and appointments to your calendar.


Our ingenious capture tool enables you to create contacts and clients in Influence Software directly from Source. Capture details from email signatures, Social media pages such as LinkedIn, or from Website contact pages in seconds.

Influence Software

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