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Key Information Documents (KID) for Agency Workers

New regulations come into effect from 6 April 2020. After this date all new agency workers must be given a ‘Key Information Document’ (KID) before agreeing terms with an employment business.

For more information you may want to see the Government web site.

To help make it easy to send these documents to your workers, you may wish to setup some Template Documents in your database. you can view this article HERE 


Electronic Signatures now available with our new Signable integration


Why use Signable?

With Signable you can send documents straight from Influence to your clients’ or candidates’ inbox to be electronically signed. 

The signing parties will receive an email with a unique link to add their electronic signature to the document.  Once all parties have signed, the completed document is returned to you as a pdf with electronic signature details.  Drag and drop back to Influence to complete the process.

Click here to find out how the Integration works

Creating eSignatures is that easy! No registration is needed by the signer and they can sign online from any device. If you need to send one document to multiple people, no problem. You can easily add multiple signers when sending out the document for electronic signing. 

Click here to find out more about Signable


Candidate Registration Portal using Cognito forms



Easily build powerful forms using Cognito forms and our powerful Outlook Integration. This new tool is located in the Influence Professional Toolbox and allows an Outlook folder to be scanned for Web Form email notifications.The Tool will then import the emails and use the data and attached documents to do any of the following:-

  • Create and Populate Candidates
  • Manages their Compliance Data e.g. Passport No and Expiry
  • Manages their Compliance Documents e.g. Passport Picture
  • Manages Policy Opting e.g. GDPR opting In or Out
  • Stores any Slotted documents and Scans for attributes e.g. Original CV or Referee Document
  • Manages Company Trade Details e.g. Bank Account and Sort Number
  • Import Attributes
  • Import Candidate Photo

Click here to try the new form layout


Click here to find out more about how to setup your account


For setup and pricing please call or email

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