Influence Permanent Recruitment Software

Software to manage your permanent recruitment workflow

At the heart of Influence is our Permanent Recruitment software.  Manage your candidates, clients and vacancies with our innovative searching and workflow system that enables your consultants to match the right candidates to available jobs in a flash.

Vacancy management is a breeze with our searching and workflow system, making Influence Permanent Recruitment Software one of the fastest products in the marketplace.  With a single click send job specifications to candidates, send curriculum vitae to the client, arrange interviews and place the candidates.

Communication is key, and with the  Influence message and email template system, you have everything you need to communicate fast, effectively and in a consistent professional manner.




Add candidates through drag and drop from your email, by bulk import, by syncronising from your website or by manual entry.

Candidate details are parsed automatically into your Influence Permanent Recruitment Software and the record is ready to use in seconds.

Each candidate has a document store and branded cvs can be generated automatically.  Candidates can be matched to jobs, checked against active searches, contacted, updated and skilled all from the one page.


Clients can be added either manually or through our incredible capture tool.  The capture tool can pick up information from a website or email signature, parse the details and create a client record or add a contact to a client in seconds.

Document storage and template document generation can be managed from within the client.

Influence Recruitment Software includes the ability to create parent organisations, assign branches and invoicing addresses and contact organisation charts.

Jobs can be managed from within the client management system.


Contacts can be added to clients either manually or through our unique capture tool directly from email signatures, linked in pages or web contact information.

Each contact has a document centre, communications centre and can be skilled either as a candidate or as a recruitment contact with a list of skills that they look for in a candidate.

Contacts can be tracked through a referral system and a reporting structure can be captured which allows you to generate organisation charts.

Work history can be built over time as a contacts are moved between companies creating leaver record and link to historic roles.


Influence Recruitment Software enables you to quickly generate a new job specification directly from a client requirement.  Branded  Job specifications can be prepared immediately and candidates can be searched from the parsed job details.

Our innovative workflow system allows your consultants, in one click, to take notes, send job specifications to the candidate, send CVs to the client, arrange interviews and offer and place.

Influence Permanent Recruitment software workflow can be tailored to your requirements.


Influence allows you to communicate fast and effectively using text or email to both your candidates and customers.

Our template system allows you to create merge fields on your standard emails and text messages.  Send to groups or individuals and generate PDF documents and web links automatically.

Incoming emails can be synchronised to the system and tasks can be pushed to Microsoft Outlook.

Influence integrates with the best third-party communication tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps for bulk emailing, Firetext for SMS messaging and Campaign Monitor for campaign mailers.


Each Consultant’s home screen shows key performance indicators such as the number of candidate applications sent against the target for that consultant.

Pipeline status can be seen immediately with a status summary of all matched candidates, sorted in pipeline priority order.  The ones closest to making you money are at the top of your list.


Influence includes a powerful group system, which allows consultants to assign contacts or candidates to groups.

These groups can be synchronised with online marketing lists and can be used as email lists, match lists, favourite lists, in fact, anything you want.  The groups can be personal to the consultant or shared across teams or the organisation as a whole.

Influence Software

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