Influence Medical Recruitment Software

All you need to manage your medical workers and volume requirements

In a fast-moving healthcare environment, it is vitally important that bookings can be quickly entered and that available, compliant staff can be allocated to those bookings with minimal effort.

The Influence Medical Recruitment Software planner allows you to visualise bookings, compliance and availability for your medical staff. Bookings can be filled from available staff based on distance from the customer, relevant skills and compliance at the correct pay and charge rates. Alterations to timings, locations and staff are easily managed.

Feedback can be captured from a particular customer and booking and management of who to send to which customer follows on from that.

A comprehensive and powerful confirmation system ensures that both customers and staff have the correct assignment documentation.

Influence recruitment software is in use by many multi-branch agencies for both temp and perm medical and healthcare recruitment.



Our ‘at-a-glance’ visual planner provides your temp controllers with a simple ‘one-screen’ view to check availability, visualise your current bookings and to assign your healthcare staff to unfilled requirements.

You can see which candidates are closest to your client’s site by using our distance tool. We also have smartphone and tablet access to the planner for your consultants on the move.


Manage your daily and weekly timesheets and for your medical workers with links to accounting and timesheet management systems.

Influence will manage all your AWR information and booking rates.

Enter timesheets or link to one of our authorised timesheet management systems in order to automate your invoicing and payroll.


Communication is fundamental to any recruitment software solution.  Influence provides best of breed communications systems that can be configured for the way that you work.

Communicate fast and effectively with your medical and healthcare workers and customers using text or email to both your potential staff and customers.

Confirmation emails can be sent from your Influence Medical and Healthcare Recruitment Software in a split second. Consolidate multiple bookings into a single confirmation email to your client or as a single text message to your candidate.


Influence Medical Recruitment Software provides one of the most powerful compliance systems on the market today. We provide a fully auditable medical compliance management system which includes user definable compliance items on both candidates and client records, along with the ability to set specific compliance requirements agianst certain job roles.

DBS Checks, Passports, Certifications can all be managed, tracked and traced, and candidates can be barred from jobs based on compliance requirements.

The compliance reporting system allows you to manage upcoming expiry dates and compliance documents outstanding.  If your healthcare professionals are due to have any documentation renewed, you can set up search lists to send emails to all in one go advising of their compliance renewals.


Availability and feedback information can be used to quickly filter your search lists and bookings in order to speed up the booking process and make sure only relevant staff are being offered.

Holidays, periods of sickness along with daily, weekly, monthly and even annual availability can all be captured in your Influence recruitment software.


Record non-attendance, sickness, lateness and any other required customer measure. Unsuitable staff can be blocked from a site or from any specific requirement.

Influence Software

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