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So what have we been up to since our last newsletter?

So what have we been up to since our last newsletter? It has been a hectic schedule for the Influence team with lots of demos and new customers coming on board. The Recruit Ventures Group roll out is keeping us busy with 2 branches a month installed and training successfully completed.

Influence recently sponsored our customers’ Golf Day in June. This was a charity event for the Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice http://www.bridge-recruitment.co.uk/news/

Managing your GDPR post-25th May can be tricky, so we have put together some information that we hope will help. You can find it here

What are the biggest challenges facing Recruiters in 2018? We wanted to share this fascinating article that we sourced from The Recruiter concerning the largest issues that recruitment companies are experiencing this year. The most common train of thought maybe Brexit – however – are you right? Click here for the full article and answer.

Recruiters – do you know the Rules following GDPR and email marketing? This is an ongoing conversation we are hearing amongst our clients. What can and can’t they do regarding email marketing following GDPR? We have found this blog in the UK Recruiter which explains it all! Click here to read more and know your rights! 

Here at Influence, we are super proud of our Training structure. We have had some fantastic feedback from clients with regard to the accessibility and thoroughness of our training programme be it on site, online or via the Helpdesk. In fact just last week we had this lovely email through from the Managing Director of Meditap:

“Just a quick email to say how impressed we all were with Graeme and the training he provided over the last two days.  Not only was it informative, it was great fun as well. So please pass on our thanks to him. No doubt over the next few days some tweaks will be needed to the system, but we’re off to a great start, so thank you for your support.”

When any new client comes on board, we roll out an onsite training day, or days, with them at their convenience. This is undertaken by our Training Specialists Des and Graeme, and we always try to offer a tailored training solution appropriate to our clients’ needs.  These are all followed up with phone call check-ins, emails and visits, if required, to complete the customer service experience.

In addition to superb training solutions, we have an excellent online knowledge base as well as our proactive Helpdesk team who are always ready to help out with any queries. You can access our Knowledge base here: https://support.influence-it.com/

You will find a whole host of really useful guides for using Influence and you can register to log support calls, and use our Chat service to talk directly to any one of our Customer Support advisers.

Q&A with Desmond Jones.  A quick fire round of Q&A with Influence’s System & Training Consultant. 

What happens when a client commits to purchasing Influence from your side?                   

There are initial conversations about tailoring and configuring the system to suit their requirements – it’s really important that Influence works for them and their needs. This is all done via phone and email, then, when the build is done, we figure out training requirements. I’m a huge fan of face-to-face, onsite training. I think it’s hugely beneficial to be in the room with people to really ensure that they’re comfortable with the system, so, as much as possible, we try and go down that route.

What are the different training options and how do they work? As I said before, we firmly recommend the face-to-face, onsite training when coming on board with Influence. These training sessions are tailored to suit the client and are incredibly hands-on and interactive – it really is the optimum learning experience. The duration varies depending on the company size, and it’s also important to revisit the trainees and do some workstation training with them around a month after the first visit to ensure confidence and process; this is also a great opportunity for me to learn as well. If there is a majority that aren’t confident on a particular element then I know I need to work on that to make it clearer for the next training session. We also offer remote training and we of course have our knowledge base and support desk for all questions after the initial training. 

What is the most important thing to you when delivering a training session? I think that humour is really important! And, of course, being approachable! All trainees should feel comfortable, engaged and able to ask questions. I also adopt a “hot seat” approach – not as scary as it sounds! It’s actually really fun and really does ensure a good understanding from the trainees. I must also ensure that the training is delivered in a manner suited to the user. In other words, there is no point in delivering a session which is incredibly technical based – the whole idea is to tailor it to who I have in the room and what they are going to use it for!

Can questions lead back to feedback requests? Definitely! This is another element of the role that I really enjoy. It’s really interesting gaining face-to-face feedback when training with regards to the system. Often questions can be around something that the user would like the system to be able to do as their previous system may have had that specific functionality. Quite often we will find a way to adapt this process within Influence, however, this is something that I feedback to the Development Team and then there is a discussion about adding the feature to the Development Roadmap.

What do you love about the job?I have been doing this role with Influence for just over 3 years and find it incredibly rewarding. It’s not just about turning up and delivering the information, it’s about ensuring that every person in that room has become comfortable and confident using Influence and that they have enjoyed the session. I never know who is going to be in the room so it’s very much a situation of hitting the road running, with a quick gauge of personalities, levels of usage and job roles and then delivering a session to suit everyone and ensuring each attendee leaves the room richer for the experience!

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